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El Taller de L'Orfebre - Innovation and craftsmanship in the service of beauty

After many years as jewelry designers, we decided in 2009 to found El Taller de l'Orfebre, our own jewelry shop in Barcelona , located in your home in the town of Sant Cugat del Valles and now currently in Terrassa.

El Taller de l'Orfebre born of creation and inspiration of people who love jewelry, design and craftsmanship. We work with more traditional techniques and innovative materials to achieve dynamism, timeliness and quality of own unique designs and personalized with the tag Barcelona Desing

We have recently moved, placing the jewelry shop in Terrassa , lab proposals and designs, we shape with noble metals (silver, gold or platinum)

Each craft jewel goes beyond the material value to define perfectly to that special someone.We want every jewel reflects the soul of who carries it and the feeling of who flatters.

From the jewelry shop in Barcelona work to return the original splendor to all your jewelry and watches, using traditional techniques and meticulous care throughout the process. Come meet and inform.